STARTUP EXEMPTION is a non-profit working to democratize access to capital for entrepreneurs

Are you an Entrepreneur that could use Crowdfunding?  Let’s show Congress the power of your contribution to Crowdfund Investing. This is more than one voice, it is the voice of all of us. This is the bottomline.

Are you an INVESTOR that would like to invest in your community entrepreneurs via Crowdfund Investing? Let’s show Congress how we can match up the needs of your local entrepreneurs with your dollars!

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Crowdfund Investing is an American right. It feeds entrepreneurship encouraging individuals with ideas to explore them, pursue their dreams and invest in the future for all of us. The resulting innovation stimulates ideas from labs at our nation’s universities, through startup weekend events and business plan competitions. This activity fosters winning ideas into businesses that are estimated to produce 1.5M jobs over the next 5 years. 

If we don’t act now, the Bills to legalize Crowdfund Investing will die in the Senate.  Let Congress feel your influence.

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